Class G5
Based on grade level New York State Common Core standards and Singapore Math, the classes aim to lead the students to a higher level. Each lesson will be divided into two sessions, with the first session focusing on understanding and building on mathematical concepts, and the second session expanding into more advanced topics such as solving math competition problems. The students may form mathlete groups to compete with one another to promote interest and to make the learning process more engaging.

Classes G6, G7, G8
Middle school math serves as the initial introduction to Algebra, the foundation for nearly all future math courses. In contrast with primary math that focuses on numbers and their various forms of representations, middle school math covers many algebraic concepts, including linear and quadratic equations, ratios and proportions, polynomials and logarithms. Without a solid foundation, students often struggle in high school math courses, such as algebra II, trigonometry and calculus. The G6 class will be taught in both semesters and the G7 class will only be held in the first semester.  The G8 class will start in the second semester, which will spend considerable efforts in preparing the students for the upcoming Regents Exam.

Classes G9, G10
Geometry - While in middle school the geometry problems are mostly calculations, in high school they focus more on analyzing and investigating figures, and making conjectures about the properties of figures and testing them, presenting difficulties even for good math students.  Algebra 2 - builds on the topics covered in Algebra 1, but concentrates more on applying algebraic reasoning to increasingly complex problems, a big hurdle for many students.

Our 9th grade (Logic and Geometry) and 10th Grade (Algebra 2) classes are based on the honor/advanced school curriculums and aim to help students navigate the difficult transition from middle school to high school math. In class we will discuss difficult concepts, solve hard homework problems, and more importantly, develop logical thinking and reasoning skills.

This class is for gifted students who are interested in learning competition math topics not typically taught in the classroom. The focus will be in developing problem solving skills; students are encouraged to apply creative spontaneous thinking as opposed to route memorization. The topics include Arithmetic, Algebra, Counting, Probability, Geometry, and Number Theory, with a heavy focus on Counting and Probability.